We have a practice in Iden on Easter Monday 18th April starting at 9 a.m. with Tadpoles (aged under 10 on 1st Jan 2022) for shooting, with other ages following on.   There will be a fully qualified running instructor who will help, and then the opportunity of going to Rye Pool, which is 25 meters long, for a general swim with some of those who have swum at the championships and are qualified swim teachers.

Beanies (under 8s) do not shoot but do a coordination skill instead.   In the swimming part a parent must be present to get in the pool with them.

This practice is open to all PC members from any branch.    Please book in by email or phone with Julie Ramus on 01797 227253.

If you are thinking of entering a tet you have to have been passed for shooting by Julie before entering.