Well done all of you who competed in the tetrathlon over the weekend of 5th September, we knew we had stars in the making. 

Keep up the great work, you can work hard at school on your running, think about swimming practice when you can, and hopefully after the summer your riding is there. All these elements need a good foundation before you can compete. 

For participants new to the discipline aged 8 and over, you may not enter a triathlon or tetrathlon before you are passed to shoot.   So please ensure this is done in good time before competition entries, and do not leave it until the closing date.

Having completed shooting practices at Hawkhurst over the summer Julie is now moving these at Iden by appointment only; to fit in with school and other activities.  If you would like to book a session please ring or email 01797 227253 or julie.ram@hotmail.co.uk.