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Guidelines of behaviour

Below are guidelines of the behaviour expected by everyone associated with RMPC . . .

Team Representation:

Parent/Guardian Roles & Responsibilities

Members & Mounts: Ensure the Team Member and mount have the correct attire and equipment for the competition. Read and understand the appropriate current Rule Book for the discipline in which they are competing.
Event Location & Times: Ensure you know when and where you need to be and arrive in sufficient time to prepare for the competition.
Behaviour: As a member you are expected to abide by the Pony Club guidelines, listen to and support the Team Organiser.

Team Organiser Roles & Responsibilities

Eligibility: Members must have attended a minimum of three Rallies since the previous 1st July to be eligible to represent the branch in any Area competition and above. Camp counts as one Rally. They must also have joined or renewed membership no later than 31st January in the current year.  All competitors must be Members of The Pony Club both at the closing date for entries to the competition and at the date of the relevant competition to be eligible to compete at Area qualifying competitions and the Championships (including Grassroots Regional Championships). Please refer to the main Pony Club website for current details. Click here.
Team Selection: The Team Organiser will endeavour to select the most competent members who have participated in Working Rallies and team / discipline practices for any given event. The final decision will be based upon attendance at training sessions, team spirit and overall ability. Entry to an event is not a guarantee of a team place.
Event Location & Times: The Team Organiser is responsible for informing the team member or parent/carer where the event is being held and at what time to be at the venue.
Team Tactics: Riding order, course approach and selection of the jump-off rider is at the discretion of the Team Organiser. They will make a decision based on the team’s performance and situation.

Parent/Guardian Guidelines

  • You should . . .
    be a positive role model for your child and other members
  • Respect coaches, officials, volunteers, members and other parents
  • Remember that the main aim of The Pony Club is to teach fairness over competitiveness and to teach members to show sportsmanship, teamwork and supportiveness
  • Use appropriate conduct at all times, including on social media channels
  • Promote the wellbeing of members and their ponies ahead of winning

Members Guidelines

  • You should . . .
  • Ride to the best of your ability
  • Listen to, respect and do what the instructor asks of you
  • Be ready to take part and learn
  • Know what the dress code is for each discipline and rally/clinic and make sure you dress correctly
  • Support, encourage and applaud your fellow riders
  • Put the needs of your pony/horse before your own
  • Be ready to help others
  • Understand the rules of riding and be aware of the Pony Club’s rule books for each discipline
  • Accept the judges’ decision
  • Tell someone if you are worried about something (eg. an instructor or committee member) Click Here to Meet The Team 

Please abide by these simple rules, they are necessary to ensure the safety of our members and the reputation of our Branch and The Pony Club as a whole.