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Eridge Horse Trial – 6th June 2021

A huge Well done to all the kids who rode at PC70, PC80 and PC90 we a fantastic turnout of members of all ages and some really great results. You can view the results from the link below and photos can be seen on the Spidge website Link

PC90 – Evelyn Ramus, Lizzie Morton, Willow Ainslie, Charlie Collings, Felicity Chandler

PC80 – Rosie Webb, Charles Stanley, Samuel Greatley, Cordie Eriksson, Rex Chandler,

PC70 – Alex Hoffman, Claudia Godden, Isabelle Greatley, Daisy Bettles, May Ainslie, Maddie Pittock, Georgia Bowes

Our PC90 riders at Eridge Horse Trials
Some of our PC70’s at Eridge Horse Trials