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Ellie came into our lives when Sam was 2 ½ year old. A friend from work had got her for her grandchildren and also taught her to drive. Sadly the children’s father died in a tragic accident and my friend asked if we’d have Ellie on loan to help out. Ellie fitted into the family immediately, going for walks around the farm with the dogs. Sam used to ask Grandpa to run faster when he was being led and Ellie would trot along obligingly.

Ellie and Sam started Pony Club when Sam was 4, although he was more interested in finding ladybirds the Ramus’ field. Never a fan of jumping (more Sam than Ellie) but they enjoyed Tetrathlon as long as Ellie could step over the jumps. They tried Mounted Games but never really got into it. However, they did enjoy gymkhanas at local shows. I even did gymkhanas on her!!

As well as Pony Club, Sam and Ellie loved the local shows – Prettiest Mare, Fancy Dress and Handy Pony were their favourite classes. Pleasure rides were also very popular with the pair of them.

Ellie coped with losing the sight in one eye (a cataract and then myopia) while still quite young. Sam was about 12 or 13 when he finally outgrew Ellie and she stopped going to Pony Club. Because of her sight I didn’t offer her to another Pony Club family but she did continue to teach several children to ride.

Ellie came out of partial retirement last summer (aged 32) when Erin May (Sam’s daughter) wanted to join Pony Club. They are having great fun doing Mounted Games with their new friends. Erin May wanted to say that she loves riding Ellie.

I’m not sure if there’s another pony that has done Pony Club with 2 generations of the same family but we’re so glad that Ellie is still with us for Erin May to enjoy.