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The show proved to be a fun and busy day for all. Thanks to the organisers and all the helpers and parents who got involved.

Here are the results, congratulations to all.

Class 1 – Mini Novice Pairs 60cm                                                                              Highest RMPC

1st           Eliza Bellhouse/Dolly & Izzy Anderson/Bea                                               Yes        

2nd          Lizzie Hues/Speckles & Gabriella Frediani/Cheeky Chester

3rd          Zoe Coombs/Harry & India Ashby/Spirit

4th          Gabriella Frediani/Cheeky Chester & Alfie Bailey/Buttons

5th          Isla Heaton/Pink & Sophia Walker/Nook May Star

6th          Millie MacLean/Moelwyn Princess & Skye Walker/Skoobie

Class 2 – Novice Jumping 70cm

1st           Evelyn Samartin/Del Boy                                                                             Yes

2nd          Theo Coombs/Harry

3rd          Jolyon Wright/Alfie

4th          Lizzie Hues/Speckles

Class 3 – Scurry 70cm

1st           Cordelia Eriksson/Pooklands High Noon                                                   Yes

2nd          Jolyon Wright/Basil

3rd          Kelcey Hockney/Molly

Class 4 –Intermediate Pairs 80cm

1st           George Burton/Spirit & Cordelia Eriksson/Pooklands High Noon          Yes (Cordie)

2nd          Holly Killick/Bobby & Matilda Randolph/Bobby

3rd          Clara Shimmin/Max & Kelcey Hockney/Molly

Class 5 – Intermediate Jumping 80cms

1st           Delilah Samartin/Abigail                                                                              Yes

2nd          Jack Rees/Mosschops

3rd          George Burton/Spirit

4th          Matilda Randolph/Bobby

5th          Cordelia Eriksson/Pooklands High Noon

6th          Kelcey Hockney/Molly

Class 6 – Grand Prix Jumping 90cm

No entries

Class 7 – Five Bar Challenge

No results

Class 8 – Working Hunter Exceeding 14.2hh

1st           Cordelia Eriksson/Pooklands High Noon                                                   Yes

2nd          Jack Rees/Mosschops

3rd          Holly Killick/Bobby

Class 9 –                Working Hunter Pony Up To 14.2hh

1st           Zoe Coombs/Harry                                                                                       Yes

2nd          Lizzie Hues/Speckles

3rd          Sofia Walker/Nook May Star

4th          Izzy Curley/Honey

5th          Sienna Heaton/Pink

6th          Gabriella Frediani/Cheeky Chester

Class 10 – Nursery Stakes Up To 13.2hh

1st           Erin Coombs/Rocket                                                                                     Yes

2nd          Lucie Dale/Bucks Fizz

3rd          Amaia Carrol/King

4th          Tilly Martin/Woody

5th          Rosie Ashby/Ella

Working Hunter Championship

Champion            Zoe Coombs/Harry                                                                        Yes

Reserve                 Jack Rees/Mosschops

Class 11 – Pony Club Horse over 14.2hh

No entries

Class 12 – Pony Club Pony 14.2hh and Under

1st           Lucie Dale/Bucks Fizz

2nd          India Ashby/Spirit                                                                                         Yes

3rd          Isabelle Wilkins/Eglwysfach Robbie

4th          Lily Bicknell/Pennway Kestrel

5th          Grace Wills/Poppy

6th          Dixie Gasby Houlton/Nook Peter Pan

Class 13 – Pony Club Pony Not Exceeding 12.2hh

1st           Amelie Lovell/Smartie                                                                                  Yes

2nd          Erin Coombs/Mo

3rd          India Passfield/Barney

4th          Albert Sharp/Ruby

5th          Summer Porter/King

6th          Izzy Anderson/Bea

Pony Club Pony Championship

Champion            Lucie Dale/Bucks Fizz

Reserve                 Amelie Lovell/Smartie                                                                   Yes

Class 14 – Best Turned Out

1st           Lizzie Hues/Speckles                                                                                     Yes

2nd          Maud Godfrey/Rio

3rd          Aster Godfrey/Little Inky

4th          Grace Wills/Poppy

5th          Lily Warner/Aura

6th          Ellie Skinner/Manwell

Class 15 – Leading Rein Best Rider 5 Years and Under

1st           Iris Edwards/William                                                                                    Yes

2nd          Constance Dallaway/Buttons                                                      

3rd          Rosabella Howitt/Cara

4th          Ellie Skinner/Manwell

Class 16 – Leading Rein Best Rider 6 Years and Over

1st           Maud Godfrey/Rio

2nd          Aster Godrey/Little Inky

3rd          Darcy Makepeace/Dolly

Class 17 – Best Rider 9 Years and Under – Unled

1st           Mollie Howell/Charlie                                                                                  Yes

2nd          Lucie Dale/Cranford Fiddledydee

3rd          Elsie Copp/Nynwoods Mirths Miracle

4th          Rosanna Anderson/Jimmy

Class 18 – Best Rider 12 Years and Under – Unled

1st           Lizzie Hues/Speckles                                                                                     Yes

2nd          Alafaire Carrol/Nook Peter Pan

3rd          Grace Wills/Poppy

4th          Izzy Anderson/Bea

5th          India Passfield/Thistledown Vulcanic

6th          Poppy Thompson/Captain Allsorts

Class 19 – Best Rider Over 12 Years – Unled

1st           Lily Bicknell/Pennway Kestrel                                                                      Yes

2nd          Sofia Walker/Nook May Star

3rd          Isla Heaton/Pink

4th          Jack Rees/Mosschops

5th          Amber Wearing/Flicka

Best Rider Championship

Champion            Lily Bicknell/Pennway Kestrel                                                       Yes

Reserve                 Sofia Walker/Nook May Star

Class 20 – Horse & Hound Jumping

1st           India Ashby/Spirit                                                                                         Yes

2nd          Izzy Anderson/Bea

3rd          Lizzie Hues/Speckles

4th          Tilly Martin/Woody

5th          Evelyn Samartin/Del Boy

6th         Eliza Bellhouse/Dolly

Class 21 – Minimus Style Jumping under 30cms

1st           Maud Godfrey/Rio

2nd          Nancy Collins/Roo & Charlotte Newbury/Jack                                          Yes (both RMPC)

3rd          Darcie Roberts/Lily

4th          Wilf MacLean/Santos

5th          Lucie Dale/Cranford Fiddledydee & Amber Wearing/Flicka

6th          Constance Dallaway/Buttons

Class 22 – Mini/Minimus Jumping 40cms

1st           Alfie Bailey/Tilly                                                                                            Yes

2nd          Tara Bellhouse/Duffy

3rd          Alfie Bailey/Buttons

4th          Annabelle Stark/Auburn Pretty Polly & Isla Davis/Mr Baz

5th          India Passfield/Barney

6th          Molly Brooks/Tomos

Class 23 – Minimus Jumping 50cms

1st           Sienna Heaton/Pink

2nd          Izzy Anderson/Bea & Tilly Martin/Woody                                                 Yes (both RMPC)

3rd          Alafaire Carrol/Nook Peter Pan

4th          Alfie Bailey/Buttons

5th          Tara Bellhouse/Duffy

6th          Erin Coombs/Rocket & Isla Davis/Mr Baz

Class 24 – 3 Bar Challenge Knockout

1st           Dixie Gasby Houlton/Nook Peter Pan

2nd          Lucie Dale/Bucks Fizz

3rd          Skye Fulker/Skoobie

4th          Alafaire Carrol/Nook Peter Pan

5th          Tilly Martin/Woody                                                                                      Yes

Handy Pony – Led Under 6 Years                                 Handy Pony – Led 7 Years & Over

1st           Iris Edwards                                                      1st           Archie Goodyear

2nd          Rosabella Howitt

3rd          Elsie Copp                                                         Handy Pony – Unled Over 10 Years

4th          Theo Remnant                                                  1st           Zoe Coombs

5th          Connie Dallaway                                               2nd          Eliza Bellhouse

6th          Tabitha Stark                                                    3rd          Eliza Freeborough

Handy Pony – Unled Under 10 Years                          4th          Amber Wearing

1st           Erin Coombs                                                    

2nd          Tara Bellhouse                                                  Hany Pony – Bareback

3rd          Eva Hoad                                                           1st           Erin Coombs       

4th          Albert Sharp                                                     2nd          Tabitha Stark                     

5th          Annabelle Stark

6th          Eloise Bullen

Fancy Dress                                                                     Prettiest Mare

1st           Alice – Cruella de Ville                                     1st           Annabelle

2nd          Jessica Copp – Minnie Mouse                        2nd          Erin May Marsh/Springbourne Ellyn

3rd          Elsie Copp – Wonder Woman                        3rd          Darcie

4th          Erin May Marsh – Snow White

Handsome Gelding                                                         Gymkhana Cup – highest points in all sections

1st           Ellie/Texas                                                         Mollie Howell 2nd          Wilfie/Santos